How Google Defines & Rewards ‘Quality Content’: Things should keep in mind

For any digital strategy to bear results, high quality of content is key. Content needs to be of prime quality to convert leads. As content plays a major role for any strategy, there are various factors that determine the quality of content. The content startegy is influenced by the E-A-T Principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) […]

Why Strategy is most important for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The Internet is one of the key drivers in today’s world and if you wish to create a mark as a business, then using digital space to your advantage is crucial. However, to use this space to your advantage you need thorough knowledge about it and for the same, a good digital marketing Strategy helps. […]

Your Guide to Digital Marketing and How is it different from Traditional Marketing

You can’t peruse the internet without seeing ads. Be it your favorite dress, your favorite gadget, or your daily essentials, everywhere we can see ads. Not only is it limited to the internet, but when you scroll through your social media or visit your favorite mall or Mart, there also you can spot hoardings, banners, […]

How the Google Page Experience for Desktop influence SEO

On March 3, Google finally concluded the user experience related to desktop search and webpages. The update was launched on 22nd February and was in the process for 9 days. The ranking launch works in a similar way as the Google ranking index that was launched between June and August 2021 leaving mobile-friendliness. The current […]

What’s In Metaverse for Digital Marketing and Brands?

Metaverse marketing is a creative and fun way for reaching out to target audiences. That is why many firms are moving towards metaverse marketing to increase their reach. Though novel, the concept of metaverse has been in existence for a long time. The concept of a virtual realm has always been something of interest. And […]

The 7 Biggest SEO Trends for the Year 2022

The segment of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) changes frequently and the year 2022 is all set to witness some phenomenal changes. 2021 was the year of Google Algorithm Updates, and a lot more is sure to come this year. So if you were wondering about the SEO trends of 2022, then let’s see what would […]

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