How Google Defines & Rewards ‘Quality Content’: Things should keep in mind

How Google Defines & Rewards ‘Quality Content’: Things should keep in mind

For any digital strategy to bear results, high quality of content is key. Content needs to be of prime quality to convert leads.

As content plays a major role for any strategy, there are various factors that determine the quality of content. The content startegy is influenced by the E-A-T Principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) along with some other factors like word count, overall value, and readability.

So what is content quality? In this blog we shall understand what exactly it means and how you can devise quality content.

How Google Defines & Rewards ‘Quality Content’

What is ‘Quality Content for technical SEO’: The E-A-T Principle

Content creation experts state that quality content is governed by certain factors. These factors include:

  • Word count
  • Readability
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Addressing user attention and intent
  • Action taking

Along with these parameters, the E.A.T. principle is also important

Expertise: The knowledge pool the curator has about a specific topic.

Authoritativeness: It determines whether the content is reliable.

Trustworthiness: Influences whether the platform and the creator can be trusted.

How does Google define quality content?

Quality content for Google includes various elements. Google solely doesn’t consider the text when it determines the quality rather it figures out how the content is from the perspective of user experience. Quality factor surpasses the EAT principle and the factors listed above. It also considers pictures, load speed, design, originality, and structure to determine the quality.

Importance of Google Definition

Considering the Google definition is important as it adds a different edge to how we view website content and content creation. It underlines the importance of content from the perspective of UX.

The important thing to note is that just SEO keyword research and formulating quality blogs is not enough, pay equal heed to how it’s exhibited and how users connect with it. So creating a potent foundation not only improves the quality of content but also meets the Google requirements enhancing the ranking of your content.

Features of High-Quality Content

A key component of internet marketing is great quality content. Given below are features of high-quality content.

  1. It is based on Search intent: Any blog or content should understand the intent behind the search. It implies that SEO keyword research is the key and just by focusing on the keywords you can improve the quality of content. For instance, if a person seeks information about something and ends up on a page that is selling something they will not like it. So always develop content based on what the person is seeking and that shall make your content rank high.
  2. It’s Readable: Any content needs to be readable to rank high. Some things you can execute to make your content is readable are as follows:
    -Break your content into small blocks or paragraphs
    -Use subheadings
    -Add attractive images
    -Ensure your content is not too long
    -Eliminate difficult words
  3. Format the content: Properly formatted content is important. When a user is looking for information formatted content makes it easy for users to find information. Some tips you can follow to make content properly formatted are as follows:
    -Use bullet points
    -Follow a proper sequence
    -Use bold and larger text to lay stress on certain points
  4. Focus on research: Formulating content that is reliable and based on facts is a key tool. When developing content always do thorough R&D so that you can base your content on facts. Also, quote trusted sources whenever developing content. To add, use the latest news and developments in your article to make it authentic and worthwhile.
  5. It is based on UX: Along with what your content is it is equally important how the content appears and feels. Given below are some pointers you can keep in mind to ensure your content is optimized for UX
    -Make use of hierarchy and proper layout
    -Utilize typography to make it readable
    -Add more negative lines in content
    -Ensure it is friendly on various devices
    As UX is a key component, taking assistance from an online marketing agency is important.


Quality content is not merely about the content but also about the various nuances. Google looks at the overall aspect of your content to determine its quality. As content is a key component of internet marketing, it is equally important to pay heed to UX and website content too. If you wish to use the benefits of these aspects for your content, you can reach out to Anagram Logic to make the best out of your content. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Google Defines & Rewards ‘Quality Content’: Things should keep in mind

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