Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a component of digital marketing where ads are run and based on their performance the owner compensates the affiliate marketer. The more the marketer gets in customers or clients, the better he or she is paid. This way an owner reaches out to a larger audience via websites and other platforms and in the process increases his or her prospects of generating leads. Also, the cost of this type of marketing is minimal and each time an affiliate marketer redirects a prospect to your business, a bare commission is given to him.

How does affiliate marketing service work?

Affiliates first survey and pick the product or service they wish to promote. Once it is finalized, they publicize and promote the product or service on their website or social media handles and get profit from the sales which are generated through their redirection. There are a lot of commodities that are pitched through affiliate marketing and this marketing procedure is utilized a lot in the USA. There are broadly two types of affiliate marketing service USA; in-house based affiliate programs and multi-platform affiliate programs.

Components of Affiliate Marketing

Any affiliate marketing would have 4 major components








And to bring them together, an affiliate marketing agency

Now that we have understood the basics of affiliate marketing, let's understand Affiliate Program Commission Payment Models.

Affiliate Program Commission Payment Models

It is important to be aware of various Program Commission Payment Models so that you can make an informed decision and pick out which model is best suited for your business.


Cost Per Click (CPC):

CPC or Cost per click model compensates any affiliate for every click their audience makes for your website or product. This type of marketing is usually done via images or text and they have a personalized element to increment sales.

Cost Per Lead (CPL):

In Cost Per Lead or CPL, the affiliate is paid on the basis of leads. Every time an authentic customer makes a purchase or uses a service, the affiliate is paid.

Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Acquisition or Sale:

Also known as pay-per-sale or PPS, It is paid a fixed commission every time it redirects a lead. The affiliate enlists those services or products on their website and every time a person clicks on it, they get a fee.

Cost Per Impressions (CPM):

CPM is the most widely used service and in this, an affiliate gets a commission when there are 1,000 impressions on the owner's website page.

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Our expertise

Our Affiliate advertising and Marketing services include:

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