OTT marketing service

OTT has become the prime source of entertainment in today's time. But what if we told you that you could use these platforms to boost your business. With Anagram Logics' OTT marketing service, you could unleash the power of OTT and utilize it to your benefit for reaching out to potential buyers.

what is ott and why it is used

What is Over-the-Top?

Unlike the TV that relaxes at home, streaming digital video content can be performed anywhere, from any equipment. As more customers are doing away with cable, video streaming via the Internet through OTT platforms and services has soared.

Adding OTT promotion to your prevailing digital services can be accomplished in a manner that supplements, not diminish, your existing advertising on YouTube and Social Media.

Ever pondered how to promote your service or business on streaming platforms showcasing TV shows, movies, sports, and live TV? Well, now you use OTT advertising services with the assistance of Anagram Logics for giving a boost to your business.

How Are OTT Ads Different from TV Spots?

OTT is very identical to traditional broadcast TV commercials. They’re video promotions transmitted to a targeted audience via streaming platforms and equipment.However, OTT advertising has a crucial aspect that makes it distinct from commercials your buyers see on TV: pre-defined targeting choices in your advertisement.

Our procedure

Anagram Logics shall look after the entire OTT marketing for you. Our plan includes:

Business insight

Before devising a strategy our team will look into your goals and business module and based on it, develop a plan exclusive to you.

Target Audience

Once we understand what you require, we shall decide on the audience which shall be shown your OTT ads. We will help you reach potential audiences and get the highest conversions.

Media Purchase

Directly purchasing media channels can be expensive and time-consuming. We will act as intermediaries and help you get the required channels at a reduced cost and best deal.

Innovative strategies

We shall do the legwork for you. We will look after the entire process and ensure to devise creative ads that garner the deserved attention.


We shall provide you detailed reports on a timely basis to help you know the progress. Based on the feedback we shall either revoke or continue our strategy.

Campaign attribution

We shall directly let you know about the results, unlike other firms. For instance, if someone purchased something using the OTT campaign, we shall let you know.

We are a leading marketing firm exclusively there to help you. It has become important to use creative tools to advance in the marketing sector. With our innovative campaigns, you can get the desired results and grow as a firm. So don't miss out on this great opportunity to grow and contact us now.