What Is SEO And Why is Important

We do millions of searches every day, right? But you must have noticed that some websites are displayed on top as compared to other websites. The entire process which would make any website rank up as compared to its competitors is known as SEO or search engine optimization.

To generate leads and garner the correct audience, your website must rank up. Once it does rank up, it has a higher probability to attract users as compared to any website in the lower results. And this toggling of places on search results is done by SEO. SEO is a skill and once a person gets hold of it, their business is bound to flourish. The catch with SEO is that it requires adroitness and there are some tips and tricks only experts understand. At Anagram logic, our SEO team is the best in the industry and they shall surely help your website to rank up using SEO.

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Our SEO Services can help your business grow by focusing on three key areas:

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Utilize the Google Search Network to position ads on the search engine results pages (SERP). When your customers search for a company, assistance, or product like yours, your campaign ads will occur to regulate traffic to your website

Quality Website Traffic

Quality Website Traffic

Remarketing strategies are banner ads employed to remain in cover of your recent website visitors to enhance conversions. The extra time clients recognize your brand, the more potential they have to make a purchase.

Measurable Result

Measurable Result

Numbers speak, hence, we pay extra heed to the results. We ensure that our results are up to the mark and we take cues from it to improve our services and skills. At Anagram Logic, we strive to be better every day and this can be proved via our results.

SEO Firm’s Proven SEO Process

Our SEO process can be broken down into 5 major steps

Business and site examination

The first step entails knowing your business and what you aim to achieve. Once we are familiar with what you need, we can work on the keywords and the related tools.

Strategy formulation

Once our analysis is over, we shall formulate a strategy that is exclusive to you. We shall utilize the best SEO tools and strategies for your website, which shall help in higher rankings.

Set up

This step is the crucial step where we shall infuse or configure essential tools that shall help in SEO. Various tools are required for optimum SEO and we shall not compromise in delivering the best services.


Once we are done setting up, we shall get to work. We shall use on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to things under our jurisdiction like content while off-page refers to external factors like backlinks.

Keeping track

We deliver the best services and hence we understand how important it is to keep track of the progress. We shall trace our results and that shall act as feedback which shall guide us whether to continue or improvise.

The Benefit Of Working With the Best SEO Company

We are a digital marketing firm with expertise in SEO. For ranking on Google, the following things are taken into consideration: website layout, social media marketing, and promotion. All of these components may appear discrete, but in reality analogous and just demand one thing: well-thought marketing strategy. Our top responsibility as a marketing firm is to concentrate on marketing and brand exposure as a total, delivering you a comprehensive marketing result.

We do in-house SEO

We do in-house SEO

While many corporations, outsource their work, but we are different. Our dedicated SEO team will look after this aspect and shall surely bring results.

uses the same strategy

We use the same strategy

What we use to rank up, we provide a similar strategy to our clients. We know what works for us so we are dedicated to bring the same results to our clients and make their business flourish.

formulate exclusive strategies

We formulate exclusive strategies

Every client is different and so are their needs. We shall devise a strategy that is in sync with your aspirations and also deliver the results that you want. Every business is unique and so should be their marketing strategy.