Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions given on this webpage are to be followed as these would act as the guidelines as to the basis to utilize this website, along with acting as the foundation for the "Alliance" between the user and Anagram Logics. These terms and conditions titled 'Terms of Use' in numerous instances will be the foundation for each one of the ways used by this site. It describes the legal, informative, and special features of using this site and exclusively mentions the alliance clients hold with Anagram Logics. All utility should be decided considering these Terms and Conditions.

This Terms and Condition explains in detail the basis, for example, to what duration would the alliance between the client and Anagram Logics exist. The general conditions and price for the services for Anagram Logics are under their sole discretion to modify the limitations, price, terms, validity, safety, compensation of the question, etc. frequently. In case you comprehend this guideline, it would be considered that you agree to recognize each one of the conditions with no questions and agree to the rules mentioned here. These conditions will include each one of the companies and customers cited by us.

The Terms and Conditions here may be used with the additional conditions subject to the personalized plan selected by you. These conditions are important for general understanding. For using our service it is mandatory to agree with these 'Terms and Conditions' without any questions. In case, you don't accept any of these conditions, then you can't use the assistance provided by us, and you are asked to leave the site. The plan of action determined by us will simply come into existence once you get authorization from us through email.